• Unified Coordinates for AR & VR

  • Granted 2014

This is a United States patent that was granted for inventions for unifying coordinate systems across multiple devices in an augmented or virtual reality environment.

Sensor fusion is a key component of most mixed reality systems, and this research enables the formation of a single, unified, and stable coordinate space in which multiple devices may interact.

(Abstract) Systems and methods for unifying coordinate systems in an augmented reality application or system are disclosed. User devices capture an image of a scene, and determine a location based on the scene image. The scene image may be compared to cartography data or images to determine the location. User devices may propose an origin and orientation or transformation data for a common coordinate system and exchange proposed coordinate system data to agree on a common coordinate system. User devices may also transmit location information to an augmented reality system that then determines an a common coordinate system and transmits coordinate system data such as transformation matrices to the user devices. Images presented to users may be adjusted based on user device locations relative to the coordinate system.

Full Title:
Systems and Methods for Unifying Coordinate Systems in Augmented Reality Applications

Patent Number: 8,839,121
Granted: 2014
Filed: 2009