• Real-time Stereoscopic Rendering

  • Granted 2011

This is a United States patent for stereoscopic rendering methods including stereoscopic auto-calibration, dual view multiplexing of independent views, and optimized stereoscopic rendering on a GPU.

(Abstract) Game data is rendered in three dimensions in the GPU of a game console. A left camera view and a right camera view are generated from a single camera view. The left and right camera positions are derived as an offset from a default camera. The focal distance of the left and right cameras is infinity. A game developer does not have to encode dual images into a specific hardware format. When a viewer sees the two slightly offset images, the user's brain combines the two offset images into a single 3D image to give the illusion that objects either pop out from or recede into the display screen. In another embodiment, individual, private video is rendered, on a single display screen, for different viewers. Rather than rendering two similar offset images, two completely different images are rendered allowing each player to view only one of the images.

Full Title:
Three Dimensional Rendering of Display Information Using Viewer Eye Coordinates
Patent Number: 7,884,823
Granted: 2011
Filed: 2006