• Stereoscopic Image Generation

  • Granted 2012

This is a United States patent for methods involving the capture of image data with a mobile device and presenting it to the user in a perspective corrected manner. Mobile devices provide the ability to simultaneously capture and display stereoscopic data, and this can be combined with information about the viewer such as their distance to the display, and viewing direction. The result is a significantly improved stereoscopic experience that combines stereoscopy, head and eye tracking, and dynamic focus.

(Abstract) Systems and methods are disclosed for generating stereoscopic images for a user based on one or more images captured by one or more scene-facing cameras or detectors and the position of the user's eyes or other parts relative to a component of the system as determined from one or more images captured by one or more user-facing detectors. The image captured by the scene-facing detector is modified based on the user's eye or other position. The resulting image represents the scene as seen from the perspective of the eye of the user. The resulting image may be further modified by augmenting the image with additional images, graphics, or other data. Stereoscopic mechanisms may also be adjusted or configured based on the location or the user's eyes or other parts.

Full Title: Systems and Methods for Generating Stereoscopic Images
Patent Number: 8,314,832