• Stereoscopic 3D Studio

  • Completed 2009

Stereo Studio is a lightweight stereo calibration tool that provides a high performance shader driven framework for decoding and encoding stereo content for all display types. In addition to its functionality as a stereo movie player, this tool also provides support for motion matching, floating window and stereoscopic calibration adjustments, and collaborative workspaces.

This project began as a simple research experiment for motion matching, however it quickly became apparent that a tool would be needed to multiplex between the various stereo video formats, and the stereo display formats. Once the initial beta version of this tool was released, I received many requests for it from friends and colleagues. Although quite primitive, this tool was once in active use by two movie studios and the research department of a large software company.

More additional information on this tool, including a technical walkthrough, check out this blog post.


  Stereoscopic 3D Studio 0.6 (beta) for Windows