• Shrine 3D Engine

  • Completed 1999

Shrine 3D was my first 3D game engine. I created it at the age of 17 as part of my learning process for linear algebra, 3D graphics, and programming. The engine featured primitive physics, shadows and illumination, basic animation, curved surfaces, and a very light game scripting system.

Engine Features

This was a fairly small project, with the following features:

  • Diffuse Illumination

  • Simple Animations

  • Basic Physics

  • Baked Shadows (via lightmaps)

  • Particle Systems

  • Environment Mapping

  • Game Script System

  • Volumetric Effects

  • Procedural Textures

  • World and Entity Formats

  • Basic Player System

  • Curved Surfaces



  Shrine 3D Demo for Windows (7 MB)
  Video: Shrine 3D 1024x768 (42 MB)