• Lightmapping Tool

  • Completed 2001

LightX is the module within my Project X engine that is responsible for generating, saving, and managing lightmaps. This tool generates lightmaps using a relatively simple lighting equation, packs them efficiently into a bitmap, saves the lightmap atlas to disk, and allows you to load a level and view the lightmaps in action.


LightX features the following (partial) list of features:

  • Lightmap generator

  • Simple linear math library

  • Perspective correct lightmapping

  • Lightmap caching

  • Bitmap file io

  • Simple resource management

  • Dynamic lightmap support

  • Volumetric fog

  • Project X map file support

  • Basic navigation



  LightX Demo Map 1 for Windows (1.3 MB)
  Light X Demo Map 2 for Windows (3.6 MB)
  Light X Map Format Doc (2 KB)
  Light X Video (1024x768) (67 MB)