• Project X 3D Engine

  • Completed 2001

Project X was my second 3D engine, which served as a testbed for a number of graphics algorithms and effects. In addition to graphics however, this engine also provided support for physics, game logic, ai, and more.

This engine eventually served as the foundation (almost 2 years later) for my Project Vision 3D Engine, as well as the core for a number of projects at my (undergraduate) university. X was also featured in 2001 on Flipcode's Image of the Day forum.

Thus Project X provided a valuable testing ground through which a large variety of graphics algorithms were invented and implemented.

Engine Features

Project X features the following (partial) list of features:

  • Static and Dynamic Lightmapping

  • Custom Map Format

  • Pre-Computed and Dynamic Radiosity

  • Volumetric Fog

  • Per-pixel Lighting

  • Particle Systems

  • Simple Physics Engine

  • Simple Map Builder

  • Lightmapping Utility

  • Game Scripting

  • Reflective Surfaces

  • Math Library

  • Physics Library

  • Terrain Systems

  • Integrated Console

  • Broad Model Format Support

  • OpenGL 1.4 Support

  • Multi-texturing with Multi-pass Fallback

  • Simple Networking Layer

  • Real-time Debug Engine



  Project X Demo Collection for Windows (6.3 MB)
  Video: Volumetric Fog (41 MB)
  Video: Dynamic Lightmaps (9 MB)
  Video: Lightmaps 1 (3 MB)
  Video: Light Room (39 MB)
  Video: Multitextured Surfaces (22 MB)
  Video: Planar Shadows (13 MB)
  Video: Reflective Surfaces (49 MB)
  Video: LightX Tool (67 MB)