• Project Vision 3D Engine 1.0

  • Completed 2003

Project Vision is my third 3D engine developed over a period of eighteen months. Comprised of over 70,000 lines, the engine is built upon a strong foundation of file systems, virtual processors, memory managers, profilers, a custom hardware abstraction layer, math and physics libraries, graphics and audio subsystems, input accelerators, network managers, and much more.

Engine Features

Unlike my previous engines, Vision was designed from the beginning to be a cutting edge 3D game engine, rather than simply a 3D engine. Utilizing the Cg shading language, a custom Cg Precompiler, and a rendering architecture designed for programmable pipelines, Vision provides the latest in lighting and shading technology in addition to the following key features:

  • Shader Model 2.0

  • Specular Mapping

  • Bump/Parallax Mapping

  • Floating Point Shadow Maps

  • Particle Systems with Physics

  • Environment Mapping

  • Fully Scriptable Game Layer

  • Dynamic Terrain System

  • Stencilled Shadow Volumes

  • Volumetric Effects

  • Procedural Textures and Geometry

  • Motion Blur Effects

  • Liquid and Cloth Simulation

  • Integrated Scene and Modelgraph

  • Seamless transitions

  • Real-time tessellation

Many of the core components of an engine are non-graphical in nature. With Vision, a design goal was to focus on all parts of the engine, not simply the graphics. As a result, Vision contains many non-graphical features and modules. Here is a very partial and high-level list:

  • Custom Script Engine

  • Intelligent Resource Management

  • Client/Server Design

  • Oct/Quad/Bsp-trees and PVS

  • Integrated Console System

  • Virtual CPU

  • Message (Packet) Based Core

  • Multi-Processor Optimizations

  • Effect and Environment Systems

  • Animation Manager

  • Entity Management

  • Debug Error Handler

  • Comprehensive Format Support

  • Resource Format Factory

  • Custom Structure Base

  • Texture and Shader Managers

  • Packet Based Renderer

  • Skinnable and Scriptable UI

  • Intelligent Memory Management

  • Scriptable Camera System

  • OpenGL 2.0 Support

  • Custom Archive Format



  Vision 1.0a Demo for Windows (9.8 MB)
  Vision 1.0a Video High Quality (1024x768) (110 MB)