• Microsoft HoloLens

  • Completed 2011

HoloLens is a revolutionary new wearable device from Microsoft. HoloLens presents a seamless high definition augmented reality environment that allows users to experience their games, work, media, and life in a whole new way.

For more information about the HoloLens project, check out its official product page.

Augmented Reality

I joined the HoloLens team in 2010 and developed essential augmented and virtual reality technologies involving world tracking, eye tracking, stereoscopic calibration, holographic rendering, and more. This work leveraged my previous experience as the primary stereoscopic 3D and augmented reality engineer for the Xbox Division.

Prior to HoloLens, my work at Microsoft involved a significant amount of research into several related technologies including computer vision trackers, sensor fusion and stabilization techniques, depth sensing cameras, holographic and stereoscopic rendering, and object and audio recognition. I also focused on the unique hardware necessary to bring the HoloLens experience together.

Check out my patents section for more information about my HoloLens related inventions.


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